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It has been over a month since graduation and I am no closer to landing a job. The current economy has not been good for us new grad nurses this year. Sure, there is a shortage of nurses, and people still need medical care, even in a bad economy. But, what is happening is the nurses that were expected to retire have not, and not only that, they have increased their hours since they need money too. The hospitals don’t want to spend the money to train new nurses when there are plenty of experienced nurses around so they are postponing their new grad training programs, and they don’t hire new grads without these programs. I keep hearing people talk about the baby boomer nurses hanging on to their jobs and I have to stop myself from getting irritated because after all I AM a baby boomer too, and I have no intention of retiring any time soon. Hey, I am just getting started!


I keep applying to jobs, first all over the Bay area and now all over California. I could wallpaper my room with all the rejections letters I have gotten. That is the hard part, I am having a difficult time not getting discouraged by all the rejection letters. I know there is a spot for me out there in a hospital somewhere, I just wish it would show itself soon, ’cause I am restless.

I keep trying to pass the time knitting or reading or doing some other thing that I used to enjoy, but I can’t seem to focus these days. I keep flitting from this project to that project and can hardly pull myself away from the computer waiting for a job posting to come in or a response from one of my applications to show up in my inbox.


Written by knitwitmama

July 12, 2009 at 2:43 pm

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